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Battery Low!! It’s the Last Sign Which You Want to See on Your Phone! On a busy day, you may find it challenging to spare time and plug in your charger in a socket to power up your smart phone. Don’t worry! Tech Care Gadgets is here for your rescue…. We are the best power bank and portable charger store in the Las Vegas. In the past, we didn’t have portable chargers. Thanks to the advancement in technology, now you can charge your phone anywhere you need with power banks. Get the charging power you need with power banks available at Tech Care Gadgets. We have products low, medium and high energy storage capacity. These power banks can charge your phone fully up to 4 times, depending upon its capacity.
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How Battery Banks Work?

In simple words, battery banks are the sophisticated form of electronics that can store electric energy in it and can in turn charge other devices.
In short they are rechargeable cells that can transfer its energy to other battery dependent devices like smartphones, wireless Bluetooth earphones etc.
Charge your phone on the go with our powerful power banks.

Battery Banks Technology

The battery banks have two main technologies


It provides high power density. It exhibits a memory effect, and you can get their batteries at a low cost.

Lithium polymer

Lithium- polymer batteries are more flexible; they come in different shapes and sizes. They are lightweight and are low profile, so, they do not suffer from any power leakage or other such issues.

Charge Your Phone on the Go.
Whether You Are Driving or You Are in a Meeting or at Dinner, You Can Now Get Your Phone Charged Easily. With This Car Wireless Charger, Charging Devices Is as Easy as 1,2,3.

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We have a wide selection of Car Wireless Chargers, portable chargers & power banks with a 100 % price match guarantee. We ensure the best and lowest prices at Tech Care Gadgets. You do not believe it? Visit our Computer and Phone store in Las Vegas, Nevada, USA and check it our it for yourselves.
  • Samsung Battery Bank
  • Mophie Battery Bank
  • Insignia Battery Bank
  • Tzumi Pocket Battery Bank


  • Kopplen Battery Bank
  • Anker Battery Bank
  • Bluehive Battery Bank
  • Belkin Battery Bank
  • Helix Battery Bank

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Tech Care Gadgets has the latest high capacity portable chargers and battery banks for all your requirements.






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