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Tempered Glass

Broken phone screen is the worst nightmare for a smartphone owner. Fixing a broken screen can cost you a lot of bucks.
Although smartphone creating companies like, Apple and Samsung have created strong screens made of gorilla glass, but you never know what can happen. double protection can save you from many troubles.
It sure wont cost you a lot.
Any extra layer of protection will ensure that your phone remains safe, If you accidently drop it. It will also protect it from scratches.
Tempered glass or safety glass or screen protector is a heat-treated glass, to make it stronger and durable. precisely, it is 4x stronger than normal glass.
The tempered glass protects the screen from scratches and light impact. It keeps your phone or tablet safe from cracks and scratches if it hits a hard surface. Tech Care Gadgets sell all tech accessories at best price in the town.

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How Is Tempered Glass Created?

Tempered glass is crafted from annealed glass, via a thermal tempering process. Here is the step by step process.

Cut to Desired Size

In order to prepare the glass for tempering process, cut the glass to the desired shape and size so that the tempering can start, after which it is impossible to be reshaped.

Look For Imperfections

The glass is examined thoroughly to look for imperfection, which can cause a breakage of glass at any step.

Heat Treatment

The heat treatment process is initiated at 620 Celsius.


After the heating process, the glass undergoes a highly pressure-cooling process. The outer glass cools quickly than the inner part in the quenching process. The inner part tends to expand due to cool temperature; but it can’t expand and thus creates tension. This gives strength to the glass.

Types of Tempered Glass

Keep your phone or tablet safe from cracks and scratches with high quality tempered glass. There are many types of tempered glass out in the market.

  • 3D Tempered Glass

The 3D tempered glass is bent from the sides. Hot-press forming technology builds it. Due to its 3D design, the glass fully wraps the screen of the mobile phone.

  • Matte Tempered Glass

Matte Tempered Glass
The matte tempered glass is rough, so it doesn’t leave fingerprints. The matte glass is also soothing to the eye. The brightness becomes low through the glass, and you can use the device for a long time.

  • Mirror Tempered Glass

This tempered glass is also known as the beauty glass, because the screen protector is like a mirror when the screen light is off, and the phone is in lock mode. This glass is made from high-end technology.

  • Privacy Tempered Glass

As the name indicates the privacy-tempered glass, shield the content on your screen. With this protector, you can easily use your mobile phone without worrying about other people watching.

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