Developments in Smartphone Technology

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Developments in Smartphone Technology

It is not surprising in any way to observe that the smartphone industry has been rising up very steeply. This is majorly because of its global usage demographics and how much of an influence it has created in all of our lives.
Several new trends have dominated the market over the last few years and from research we can see there are certain new trends that will slowly rise and dominate the market as well.
This Smartphone industry has been booming with creative innovation and better technology. It will be of no surprise, if they become the most powerful tool in the entire world soon.
Let’s take a look at some of the features that has boosted the smartphone industry in the recent years.

What’s Real & What’s Not?

Yeah, you might be thinking, “What’s with the weird heading?” Let me tell you at this point in time, it is becoming really hard to distinguish something that is artificially created and something that’s real.
CGI in movies have become so spectacular that only with the deepest of examinations, can you find the slightest of difference from what is real. Just like that, the technology in smartphones, using tools such as Artificial Intelligence, have become so advanced that some of us can consider ‘Alexa’ or ‘Siri’ as part of our family.
Recently the rising market for personal assistive devices that can connect to your smart phones such as Amazon Echo or Google Home mini, just goes to show that such technologies are making our life easier.
The ‘Face-App’ trend was a very recent one, which showed how much, a tool like Deep Learning, can achieve.
Several other features like Augmented Reality in Snapchat filters, Instagram filters, etc. have seen ground breaking improvement. Virtual reality glasses and other devices are in research and will soon dominate the market in the near future.

Safe and Secure

It’s funny, even when so much of technological improvements have occurred, why do people still fear to provide personal data into apps or services. Well, this can be attributed to security flaws that have befuddled even the largest names in the industry. This is not a small thing, and recently several mainstream companies have brought about significant changes to security measures and are making sure that our data is more secure in our phones, than ever. Better biometric security and developments such as the 2-factor authentication have seen to it that the users receive enough and more security. Several Smartphones have shifted to on-screen finger print sensors which enable better security. Better capturing of facial data, so as to implement better facial recognition and many other features.

Better Designs

This is more or less, very obvious. From bezel-less displays, larger screens sizes to screens that can even be folded, designs have improved enormously with development of better technologies. Camera designs have also changed with pop up cameras and punch-hole cameras providing better design to the Smartphones and occupying less screen space. Smart Phones such as the LG Wing introduces us to Swivel display which also pose a great new opportunity in the market. Smartphones have become slimmer and more easy to use along the years. Several new Smartphones such as the Moto Razr have reimagined flip phones and brought a very novel design to the market.

The Cloud

Hardware is becoming Old school? Yep, believe it or not, that is true. With massive improvements in connectivity in-line along with the introduction of 5G devices, more and more smart phones are being designed to utilise the Cloud technology more.
With the shift to Cloud technology becoming more and more apparent it will soon become very evident that a software revolution is in place. Cloud servers are becoming more and stronger and with all smartphones shifting to cloud, it will inevitably become an unstoppable force in the market.
Even though graphic processors are important, the demographics do show that Smartphone users do prefer communication over rough hardware utilisation processes such as gaming.

Never Been More Connected

The release of more and more mobile apps that integrate devices in our home or office to our smart phones (IoT devices), have definitely improved our connection as users, with our smartphones.
It would be an understatement to say that smart phones have helped us where in fact, the truth is, it has become more or less like a ‘Personal Assistant’ to all of us.
As better innovations bring newer trends to the market, it is always safe to say that, the smartphone industry will keep on rising for a long time and we can definitely expect more ground breaking inventions in the very near future as well.

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