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How to Choose the Best Laptop?

A Complete Guide to Your Laptop

I can almost feel the headache you are having after looking at all the endless possibilities of laptops you can own. It can be quite challenging to narrow down all those to a single one.
With newer tech emerging day after day, from hundreds of models, price ranges that go from hundreds to thousands of dollars, it is definitely confusing to picture the perfect laptop for you. But worry not!
We will guide you exactly how to choose the best laptop for your need so that you can relieve yourself from all the dilemma!

Narrowing Down

Let us first cut down a majority of the options by checking some basic questions that will help you choose your perfect model.


Now this is a very easy choice. It all revolves around why you need your laptop. Now if you’re a school goer or in college, there will be a particular range of laptops that will suit your needs. Imagine if you’re an office employee or a hard-core gamer, there is a set of laptops for those needs too.


Now if you’re in school or college, you will be engaged with your laptop almost 24*7 with assignment work, projects etc. and also the range of laptops that come under this category will have features like HD screens, Flexible Displays with 360 degree hinges (Tablet mode), Dolby Audio etc., for streaming your favourite movies or shows. It will also be able to support light gaming.


For true hard-core gaming purposes, there are separate machines that boast high performance components that will raise your gaming experience to the next level. These laptops have heavy duty Graphics cards, the latest Core processors, higher clock speeds, faster memory and 4K HD displays. These laptops are no child’s play and with such components there will be a significant increase in the weight that can go up to 2-3 kilos. Their battery life also will have significant reduction when compared to other category of laptops.


Such Workstation laptops are very sturdy and systematic. Often having immense battery life, these laptops are suitable for any range of work hours and have many features that will enable employees to go about their work smoothly. From powerful processors, professional graphics, ultra-thin, ultra-light weight, these laptops possess robust features that makes it durable for office use.


Once you’ve charted out your need or purpose for the laptop. The next step is to determine what amount of money that you are ready to put in. Often you can find what you’re searching for within a $1000 dollars or so. But if you’re looking for very specific needs they can go a bit higher. Usually ultra-thin, higher performance or gaming laptops consume significantly higher budgets than the rest of the collection. So make sure that you have a budget ready in mind, as that can really narrow down your choice and help you select the best one suited for you.


This is more of an OS related category and will be more familiar to any normal person. As you know there is usually a choice between a Mac OS and a Windows OS. The answer to that depends purely on your needs. The Mac is more favorable for people involved with heavy editing such as Photoshop or video editing.
But in most cases the Windows OS takes the lead as being better in a more professional environment and supporting more software including a large chunk of games. If you look at budget too, the Windows OS does present a cheaper alternative, but then again, it is purely up to your choice of use. Chromebooks that run on the Chrome OS have also become popular. Although they have relatively lighter specs, they sport higher performance as they depend on faster and more efficient cloud servers on the internet.

Internal Architecture

A computer or a laptop is only as good as its build and its build comprises of the machinery that goes behind those covers. This is what decides what type of machine you want your laptop to be. It is often necessary to keep in mind that, the more sophisticated the features get, the more money that goes in.


The CPU is what the entire processing mechanism of a laptop or computer runs around. The more work you want your laptop to do, the more should be the capacity of the CPU. A CPU with a higher clock rate and more cores will process more quickly than one with lesser cores. The Intel core i5 with an average clock speed around 4 GHz will mostly do the job for any professional work. If your needs are more heavy, then we see that we might require an i7 or an i9 core, especially for gaming purposes. Recently AMD Ryzen processors have also increased in popularity which is also a very healthy alternative.


With the newer laptop models that sport a Windows 10 OS 64-bit, it is highly unlikely that someone will use it without an 8 GB of RAM. RAM or Random Access Memory is the memory used by our laptops to store dynamic information while processing. It’s always healthier and useful to have more RAM but it comes at a price. The higher RAM capacity, the higher the price. Most gaming needs might require a 16 GB of RAM or more.
Most new laptops do not provide the option for a RAM upgrade and so it is very important that you analyze the amount of work that you have to put your laptop through before deciding on the model.


Laptops usually store their data in either Solid-State drives (SDD’s) or Hard disk Drives (HDD’s). On comparison we can see that SDD’s are way superior in terms of data processing and SDD integrated laptops can boot up within 10 seconds or so! Of course this too comes at a hefty price. SDD’s often cost double of what a HDD of the same capacity will cost.
This is often a very confusing state of affairs. A very neat solution to this is to look for a device that has a hybrid configuration i.e., a small SDD with a larger cheaper HDD. In these settings, you can store your OS data in the SDD so that all the system functions including boot up runs at higher speed while still being able to store your other data in the HDD’s.


Graphic settings is not really a head turner when it comes to decision making. It does become significant if you’re a gamer and are looking to boost your gameplay experience. Now we should also keep in mind that a greater GPU setting does not ensure greater Graphic or visual experience, it has to work along with the CPU, processor and RAM to be able to show its full effect.

Looking Good?

Now if you’re one that is keen on making sure that your laptop is thoroughly portable or if your laptop can give you the best visual experience. Although the core of the laptop functioning is more devoted to the internal architecture, take nothing away from how it looks as the appeal is certainly a factor that you have to consider when you’re spending the dollars!


Now obviously the bigger the display, the more versatile the objects on your screen will be. Then again, a larger display resorts to finer resolutions and this can empty your battery faster than you know it. So if you’re looking for the perfect fit, we would recommend holding it at about 14 inches. This will also give it better portability. Speaking about refresh rates, an IPS (In-Plane Switching) display provides really good refresh rates but for an even more dynamic and engrossing experience TN (Twisted Nematic) is better.


“Yes, curves does matter”. It is often debatable, how much of significance that you should give for your laptop’s design, but if you ask me, I would prefer it to look amazing for the dollars I spent. Better materials, and vivid colours does make your laptop stand out in a crowd!

That Extra Mile

Usually a laptop is a one-man armada, but if you do have to take it to that extra mile, sometimes, it would be advisable to use some accessories. If trackpads can’t handle the work that is pouring in, you can buy a mouse (wired or wireless) to suit your needs. Of course, make sure that you have enough ports to accommodate the mouse connection as well. Some people also use external keyboards for their comfort if they feel that their laptop keyboards are not sufficient to their needs. There are many other Tech accessories that you can attach to your laptop that can impart a whole new level of experience and selecting all of them is completely up to you.

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