iPhone 12 Pro Max Canada Release Updates and Information

iPhone 12 Pro Max Canada Release Updates and Information

iPhone 12 Pro Max and iPhone 12 now available for Pre-order!

Now as we know, Apple has indeed moved forward with their Next-gen front runner of the show: iPhone 12! Many would think that the upgraded version or the newer updates seem to be very trivial and are more namesake than substance. So here we’ll be diving into some of the details about the newly released iPhone 12 models. Before that, the latest updates reveal that the iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 Pro models are now available through Apple and other major carriers for sale in Canada.
While the iPhone 12 Pro Max and the commercially less demanding iPhone 12 Mini will be available for Pre Ordering from November 12th.
Now let’s talk a bit about what the iPhone 12 brings to the market.

iPhone-12-green at best price newmarket, aurora, richmondhil, bradford phone storeiPhone 12: Base Model

So the iPhone 12 Base model does come with its fair share of updates and features. The display with the updated super retina XDR with a 6.1 inch screen size compared to the iPhone 11’s 6.1inch LCD display. The iPhone 12 model comes with storage variations ranging from 64 GB to 256 GB storage.
The cameras have been buffed up significantly with 12MP wide and ultra-wide features. The iPhone 12 also brings to the market 5G connectivity, which was relatively obvious. But it does suggest a huge revolution is bound to happen in network connectivity.
The introduction of the MagSafe has unlocked new potentials for users as now all accessories can magnetically snap on to your phone. The same goes for charging, wherein the charging cable snaps on to the back of the iPhone. Interestingly, the charging coils now draw up to 15 watts of power.
If you’re a stone cold gamer, the iPhone 12 boasts a six-core CPU and four-core GPU which can significantly improve performance.

iPhone 12 Mini

Interestingly enough, the iPhone 12 does come at a more cost efficient model named the iPhone Mini which carries a way lesser price tag than the flagship version along with some features removed. It has a 5.4 inch display size with the cameras being more or less similar to the base model ones. This model has not yet started its sale and Pre-orders will be available from November 6th.


iPhone 12 pro available at tech care gadgets newmarket storeiPhone 12 Pro

Now if you’re really looking to spend some dollars to get the better models, Apple does have two other models, one of them being the Apple iPhone 12 Pro. Honestly speaking, the iPhone 12 Pro does seem a bit on the pricey level with a clear $200 higher investment and gaining only upgrades in camera and other related processing capabilities.
But the camera buffs are indeed phenomenal with 4x optical zoom with the inclusion of the telephoto lens and image stabilization. It does come with a LiDAR scanner which coupled with the A14 bionic core provides excellent Augmented Reality buffs.
The iPhone 12 pro is available for sale all throughout Canada via Apple or any other major carrier outlet. It is available in variants of 128, 256 and 512GB with the exclusion of 64GB one.

iPhone 12 Pro Max

This fastigium of the iPhone 12 series is the iPhone 12 Pro Max. With its 6.7 inch display screen along with the increased 5x optical zoom via an upgraded telephoto lens compared to the Pro, the iPhone 12 Pro Max does pack a punch! It does come with a better battery life and slightly buffed other features as well.
Now it may seem crazy that this is priced higher than the iPhone 12 Pro where indeed, it more or less, fails to justify this increased cost when compared to the Pro. As consumers we would expect something more with the Price that it is being labelled at.
The iPhone 12 Pro Max along with the iPhone 12 Mini will be available for Pre-orders from November 6th.

This more or less wraps up the major details regarding the iPhone 12 release. More updates are soon to arrive. We will be sharing all the information so that you will be able to pick the right model that you need.

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