Why Should We Replace These Computer Parts Frequently?

Why Should We Replace These Computer Parts Frequently?

Why Should We Replace These Computer Parts Frequently?

It is not exactly a great feeling to see parts of your computer worn and torn after usage. Of course if you are an avid PC user it becomes important that they be repaired ASAP. Now if you’ve already decided that repair is the way to go, then unfortunately these guidelines will not affect you, but if you’re in doubt whether to replace them or repair and are looking to find the right source to guide you, this article might be what you’re looking for.

Usually minor defects do not call for a sudden replacement especially if you have just assembled your new system but if they keep coming up regularly, it will be safe to think about replacing that particular part. “Why should I replace it if I can just adjust?” – Well! Let me clear that out! Any one particular component of your PC mostly works in tandem with others as well. For example if you are having issues with your keyboard or RAM and are constantly affecting your PC performance, using a defective part can also cause other proper components to become defective. So to ensure overall safety of your device, it is better to find a suitable replacement rather than going for a cheap repair service.

Overall we do overlook many computer components and go for repair rather than a timely replacement. Let’s take a look at some of the parts that might be better replaced than repaired. Several shops in Ontario, Canada offer great replacements for any computer part that you need.


Let’s start from the quite obvious ones. When you’re slamming away word after word on your keyboard, we often ignore the amount of stress that your keyboard keys undergo with each usage. It quite potentially becomes one of the few parts that can get worn off very quickly due to over usage. Now if you’re a gamer, this becomes a critical issue as your keyboard is the soul of your play. A bad keyboard can affect your gameplay experience. Looking to go for repairing a broken keyboard is possible, but the probability of a subsequent breakage will always be high. So it is advisable to get a better keyboard that can suit your usage.

Power Supply Uunit (PSU)

The PSU directs all the power to different components of your PC. Why would the PSU be of concern? – Simple! It is one of the most highly stressed out components of your system and also if your PSU is not from a reputable company, there is a high probability that its lifespan is bare minimum.

Under normal conditions, a PSU should last as long as 5 years or more, but with strenuous usage or if your PSU is not from a really good manufacturer, its lifespan can decrease significantly.

While replacing your PSU it is very important that you select a really good company to buy from. It is good to do some research and then decide on what to buy.


As something that is probably the most important part of your computer hardware, the motherboard is a pretty sophisticated device. It has several different electronic components that can deteriorate over time causing harm to other components around it.

Replacing your motherboard can be an expensive task but once it becomes damaged it is better to replace such an important part rather than going for repair service. There is a high probability that while repairing, your motherboard is exposed to various environmental hazards such as excess moisture and heat. This can cause your motherboard to stop working completely. In order to avoid such circumstances replacing your motherboard should be the primary go-to when it becomes damaged.


As computers have become upgraded over the years they have seen a significant improvement in processing capabilities as well as performance and memory. But all of this processing leads to heat formation on an enormous level. Usually our laptops or computers are equipped with fans to cool down the internal environment but since they are one of the few parts that are constantly in motion while your PC works, it is highly likely to experience a breakage.

While in laptops you can equip external ‘Cooling pads’, it is not viable in PC’s and once your internal fans have become worn out, they should be replaced ASAP. Fans usually come at wallet friendly prices and replacing your PC fan is not a strenuous task as well. So it is advisable to take your PC to the right outlet and get a better fan so that your PC doesn’t heat up.

Several outlets or computer shops around Ontario, Canada do offer a pretty decent collection of cooling fans that will suit your computer. Do some research and select the one that best suits your wallet.

Data Drivers(HDDs and SSDs)

A lot of people nowadays go for faster performance and hence opt for Solid State Drives (SSDs), but they are very much susceptible to external environment issues and data retention can pose a huge problem. Several outlets in Ontario, Canada can offer quick replacements to damaged HDDs or SSDs.

Always remember that your memory is where your OS resides any damage to your OS can cause serious concerns. HDDs have some moving parts and are very much susceptible to wearing. An unexpected power surge can also cause damage to your HDD or SSD storage.

It is always better to opt for a HDD or SSD from a reputed company. Although pricey, they ensure a quality product and that is most important.


It is close to rare to see a damaged RAM module, but is not impossible. Several studies show that RAM has a significantly longer lifespan than most other parts of your computer.

Like your HDD or SSD, unexpected power surges or faulty circuitry in the motherboard can cause enough damage to your RAM. Under such a scenario, searching for an apt replacement should be the primary assignment. It is quite difficult to find repair services for RAM modules and also a timely upgrade to your RAM module will always be helpful!

Most RAM modules work at an optimum temperature and excess temperature in the internal environment can cause defects. Always make sure that your RAM is from a trustable manufacturer, else the temperature ratings on the RAM can be bizarre and can affect your PC performance. Several outlets around Ontario, Canada provide you the perfect collection of RAM modules from reputed brands.

Surge Protectors(UPS)

As we have previously mentioned, power surges in our home can always be a huge issue and is one of the primary reasons for circuit damage. It is best to have a Surge Protector/UPS with your computer to prevent this from happening.

A lot of times, people often neglect the importance of a proper UPS. It can protect your PC from surges due to lightning or high energy equipment being switched on. Repairing a surge protector is not always feasible and looking for a proper replacement is the best thing to do.

Get the best Surge protector that you can find in the market across Ontario and it can possibly live for about 4-5 years guaranteeing protection.


This is more or less, the most likely component that we look to replace at the initial incident of damage. Visual data representation is one of the most important tasks of a computer and it uses the monitor to give us stunning displays.

More often than not, a slight scratch or fade is enough to incite the impulse to replace the monitor, but what we should keep in mind is the quality of the new monitor that you decide to buy. Check for the appropriate refresh rates and other display parameters that will be most suited to your use (Resolution, Display size etc.). Make sure that there are proper VGA/HDMI ports as well.

In this article we took a look at some of the major components of your PC that would require replacements occasionally. It is always really important to search for cost efficient items for almost every occasion, but when it comes to technology, it is always preferable to go for quality. This does not necessarily mean that you have to go for the most costly replacement. With sufficient research, we can find the best suited replacement for us and such timely replacement can ensure a healthy and long running computer.

We provide all replacements for every computer part that you can think of! Next time, you need to find the right place to replace a damaged computer part. Do come to us. Our customer service exports will make sure that you get the right model at the right cost. Our service extends to anywhere in Ontario, Canada. Contact us for exclusive deals on Computer parts.

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